NH Dept of Education(Hour 2a) Our “can’t believe what he just got” host shared the discouraging words of an employee at the NH Department of Education.

Apparently folks at the DOE don’t share in the enthusiasm for Charter Schools, like The Founders Academy, that many parents do.  Why the scorn for school choice?  There are certainly no questions on where NH BOE appointee Bill Duncan stands on the issue.

Rich quoted the comments describing “underpaid teachers that really don’t want to be there” working in Charter Schools that “will probably close anyway.”  Are the folks at the DOE sabotaging the efforts of Charter Schools?

Rich argued the merits of Charter Schools and real world experience vs. Public Schools and a college degree.  He saluted the Charter Schools that do succeed, despite the financial disadvantages &  state regulations they have to overcome.

05-15-2014 Hour 2a