Jim Gaudet(Hour 2b) Jim Gaudet gave us the latest details on the tragedy in Brentwood.  He explained how such an incident in a small law enforcement community like ours can have a major impact.

Gaudet also dove into those crazy new laws coming out of Concord.  Is raising the age for juvenile delinquency a good idea?  Our public safety expert explained why it’s such a bad idea.  “They should have lowered the age.  Our juvenile justice system is broken.”

Gaudet also thinks folks in Concord considering doing away with the Death Penalty need to rethink.  “Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that Michael Addison didn’t kill Officer Michael Briggs?”

He defended the Death Penalty and cited how rarely it’s used.  Gaudet and our humble host finished up with a conversation about the right to defend ourselves.

05-15-2014 Hour 2b