Kimberly Morin(Hour 3b) In case you missed it, NH State Rep. Brenda Grady fromMerrimack said some pretty outrageous things about victims of domestic abuse on the House floor.  Domestic abuse victims are bad employees?  Watch the video.‘s Kimberly Morin is having a hard time following Rep. Grady’s logic.  The same applies to HB 466, a voter registration bill that could make it easier for perpetrators of Voter Fraud in our state.

HB 1281 would affect co-payments by Healthcare Specialists in NH.  Doctors getting paid is a bad thing?

Morin also discussed the Buffer Zone Bill on it’s way over to the Senate after passing the House.  Will Senate Republicans pass it or uphold the First Amendment instead?  We don’t blame Morin for her lack of confidence in the NH GOP, based on recent history at the NH State House.


05-19-2014 Hour 3b