Jeff Czarnec(Hour 2b) Dr. Jeff Czarnec discussed the latest, very scary NSA spying story with our flustered host.  Czarnec also brought some very serious food for thought.

Is it possible to unplug from the grid?  Czarnec shared the very, very scary details about how little control we have over our own personal data.

Social media didn’t exist 15 years ago.  MUCH has changed since then.  And it’s changing fast with the European Union.

Czarnec addressed the legal implications of the “Right to Oblivion” and what it might mean, eventually, to all of us here in America.

Also, the issues of privacy with Google Images.  Has our Right to Privacy been trumped by the power of the Internet and their data processors?  Do we have ANY control over our own data?

05-23-2014 Hour 2b