Jim Burkush(Hour 2a) Our “looking for your calls” host called out Manchester Fire Chief Dave Burkush for the burgeoning costs weighing down the City Budget.  Are the personnel increases implemented by Burkush when he took the “really big hat” the real culprit?

Rich compared the notes of sitting Alderman and former fireman Jim Roy along with former District Chief Norman Gamache.  They say Manchester could do more with less.  Burkush disagrees.

Do we really need 4 firemen on an engine instead of the 3 recommended by his predecessors?  Or 3 on a ladder truck instead of the 2 that worked fine before Burkush arrived?

Will the City of Manchester really have to close Fire Stations?  We may have to  if we continue to accommodate the burgeoning costs of the Burkush Personnel Plan.

05-23-2014 Hour 2a