Shelley Greenglass(Hour 1c) Shelley Greenglass from the Manchester Animal Shelter gave us an update on Crash before sharing the story of Tommy.  A local woman found Tommy screaming under the hood of her car, lodged in the engine.

Tommy:  Almost lost all 9 lives

Tommy: Almost lost all 9 lives

A call to the Fire Department was necessary to free Tommy.  He suffered from third degree burns and required surgery with over 100 stitches.  Tommy is doing well, thanks to the folks at the Veterinary Emergency Center.

How common is an incident like this?  How can we prevent it from happening?  Who hands out those crazy names at the Shelter?  Donate to the  Tonka Fund.

Jeff from Pembroke called in.  Greenglass reminded us about next week’s Plant Sale and the Mutt Strut on June 8th!  Find Events and Fundraisers

After the show, the MAS sent this press release regarding the incident.  It gives all the harrowing details!

05-23-2014 Hour 1c