Derryfield School in Manchester

Derryfield School in Manchester

(Hour 3b) Rich is exhausted by the legislative antics of our elected officials at the NH State House.  The gas tax to fill an $80 million hole in the highway trust fund created by illegally diverted funds.  Assaults on Free Speech.  Spending freezes in lieu of $400 million holes in the budget.

Which way is up in Concord?

Common Core standards bearers from The Derryfield School and Phillips Exeter Academy need to answer a different question.

Why aren’t these exclusive, expensive private schools adopting the same Common Core standards that advocates like Dr. David Pook and Governor Maggie Hassan (husband Thomas Hassan is the Principal at Phillips Exeter Academy) are pushing on Public School students?

Rich also had a  couple of questions, and a rant, for Dr. David Pook.

Why is the white privileged one co-authoring English standards when he’s not even an English teacher?  Dr. David Pook – The Derryfield School

Did Pook lie about the Curriculum at The Derryfield School during Monday’s Debate on Common Core?

Common Core Standards: A Public Forum on Common Core

05-23-2014 Hour 3b