William Whitmore, Commander(Hour 3a) Rich and DJ Dave discussed the VA Scandal.  The idea that 40 veterans died waiting for healthcare is even worse than dying in combat.

President Barack Obama and Dept. of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki don’t really seem all that angry to us.

What does a veteran have to say?  Should Shinseki resign?

Bill Whitmore, Commander of the Henry J Sweeney Post 2, phoned in to give us an emphatic answer.

He also described his experiences as a Veteran of the Vietnam War.  Is there a difference for troops returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan vs. what he witnessed during Vietnam?

What is Whitmore’s assessment of Veteran’s Healthcare?

Whitmore also had something to say about Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter and Senator Jeanne Shaheen for barring cameras at events with Veterans. 

05-26-2014 Hour 3a