Courtney Hoppe(Hour 2c) Courtney Hoppe called in to help us plan the weekend in Out!

If you’ve had enough of  the perfect gardening weather (you can have it, Rick Broussard), Hoppe recommended a few great shows at the Palace Theater.  Including Bret Michaels tonight.

Hoppe also explained what a UkeLady is.

ON SATURDAY: the Martial Arts Championships at the Radisson, the Plant Sale for the Manchester Animal Shelter, the Relay for Life fundraiser for the American Cancer Society at Livingston Park (@ 3pm) and the Greg’s Song Benefit at Milly’s Tavern that our good friend Jeff Furlotte is master of ceremonies for (@ 8pm).

ON SUNDAY: NH’s very own Recycled Percussion performs at Veteran’s Memorial Park (@5pm).

05-29-2014 Hour 2c