Will Infantine(Hour 3b) NH State Rep Will Infantine came in for the State House Insider.  He plugged a few of our sponsors and sang their praises.

Infantine is confused about the deep-sixing of simple bills that normally pass without much fuss.  What’s going on with those Committees at Conference?  Are folks in Concord concerned about the upcoming elections?  Is Infantine retiring from politics?

We learned about “Mediscam” and how hospitals already reaping huge financial windfalls (courtesy of Medicaid Expansion) could rake in even more.

Infantine explained how our State Constitution works well to protect NH taxpayers and he took a question from Ed on Twitter.

The “Final Discussion” for the State Legislature happens next week.  What should we expect to see before the State House convenes for the year?

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05-30-2014 Hour 3b