Jane Aitken and Ed Naile(Hour 2a) Jane Aitken of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers is conservative activist concerned about Governor Hassan’s Commission on Innovation, Efficiency and Transparency in State Government.

Created by Executive Order in May, 2013, the commission is hosting a public event tonight at 6:00.  Read the Executive Order by Governor Maggie Hassan.

Is this really a public forum or a shell game with pre-conceived conclusions?

We’ve seen this sort of stuff before with Plan Pinardville and Second Street Rezoning.  What sort of power do these Regional Planning Commissions really have and what should NH residents know about them?

Aitken warned us about Federal efforts to implement zoning changes in neighborhoods all across America (Mix-Use Zoning) and applauded the efforts of a few local folks to reject it.  Learn more at Granite State Futures.

06-03-2014 Hour 2a