Ed Naile(Hour 1c) Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers, gave us the details on an upcoming July 5th shindig (CNHT Annual picnic) that our humble host will be the Master of Ceremonies and Betsy McCauhey will speak about Obamacare at.

Naile shared some news about ballot thieves bagged in Ohio, among other states.  Community organizers abound!  We sure hope City Clerk Matt Normand leaves Ed some clues when Manchester voter lists get purged.

Naile also filled us in on how wealthy Keystone Pipeline opponents, including Tom Steyer, Organizing for America, and ACORN, could use same-day voter registration in NH to stack the deck on voter referendums.

They’d be counting on huge turnouts from out of state students in our college towns, no doubt.  The same students that will determine November’s elections.

Unless the people lean on officials to stop the Voter Fraud.

Read the Ohio Signed MOU 2013 that Matthew Damschroder, Director of Elections Ohio Secretary of State signed. What will it take for Secretary of State William Gardner to also sign it?

06-04-2014 Hour 1c