David Pearl(Hour 3a, b) Our humble host shared the details from last night’s school board meeting in Hooksett.  Superintendent Debra Livingston and Assistant Super David Ryan made a presentation of the Manchester School District.

It was a productive meeting, despite the unbelievable body language of the obviously anti-Manchester Hooksett Super, Charles P. Littlefield.

Rich saluted Livingston and Ryan for handling the situation very well.

(Hour 3a) 06-18-2014 Hour 3a

Hooksett SB member David Pearl called in to comment.  What were his impressions from last night?

Is Hooksett still trying to steer students away from Manchester?

Is there still a bias towards Pinkerton on the Hooksett School Board?

Rich also asked Pearl about a motion by SB member John Lyscars to get parents feedback on Common Core.  Was Common Core implemented without board approval in Hooksett?  Why were they denied testing results?

Read more about last night’s meeting in the On Air News Read.

(Hour 3b) 06-18-2014 Hour 3b