Jim Rubens(Hour 1a, b, c) Former NH State Senator Jim Rubens, Republican candidate for U.S Senate, hit the ground running in our early morning interview.

Rubens painted a dreary picture of where our country is and posed a familiar question that he borrowed from President Ronald Reagan.

According to Rubens, Senator Jeanne Shaheen is part of the problem.   He talked about the different approach that he believes in.

(Hour 1a) 06-18-2014 Hour 1a

Rubens hammered the “annointed candidate” Scott Brown but would not criticize his opponent and friend, Bob Smith, whom he supported in 2002.

Rubens addressed Obamacare, it’s 140,000 billing codes (10 of them for turtle bites alone) and discussed his strategies for reducing our heavily socialized system.  He pointed to the VA Scandal to illustrate the need for less government in our healthcare.

Rubens discussed the overregulated economy, our ridiculous tax code and the problems created by Dodd Frank (supported by Brown & Shaheen) which added 30,000 pages of new regulations.

(Hour 1b) 06-18-2014 Hour 1b

Rubens clarified his position on Cap & Trade and advocated for cheap energy, fracking and the Keystone Pipeline.  He’s never supported an energy tax (Cap & Trade) and believes we should end all energy subsidies.

On the result of Dodd Frank legislation: “The too-big-to-fail Wall Street banks got bigger than before.”

On Immigration Reform: “We’re the only industrial nation on earth that has an open border.  We can’t do this anymore.  No Amnesty!  We need to put American citizens first.”

Rubens also commented on school choice, the Department of Education and the Iraq Crisis.

(Hour 1c) 06-18-2014 Hour 1c