Rich shares his experience attending Cirque Du Soliel Varekai at the Verizon Wireless Arena, then moves on to the issues of the day, including the continuance of “business as usual” at the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, despite the many statements in support of change, the Yager Decker Personnel Classification System, ideas on how to manage pay raises for those receiving “step raises” versus those” at the top of the latter.

We also comment on the situation regarding the son and the grandson of Manchester firefighters who wanted to be on the job, but had a metal rod in his back.  Then, we moved onto items at the school board, like its role in hiring principals, or, more to the point, the role it’s abandoned, questioning administration proposals and related items where the decisions of  unquestioned experts have led to disaster.

Why is it that elected officials think their job is to support the people they oversee and not question them on behalf of the people who elected them?