Common Core Zone(Hour 2a, 3a) Our feisty host was disturbed to see math teacher Natalie Brankin’s questions go unanswered at last night’s public hearing on the Manchester Academic Standards.  Questions that Brankin has asked before.

Unanswered questions from an unresponsive school administration.

Why hasn’t our school district welcomed standards experts Dr. Sandra Stotsky and Dr. James Milgram, who offered to work for free, into the process?

Two of the most prominent standards in education are knocking on the door.  Why is Manchester not letting them in?

(Hour 2a) 07-09-2014 Hour 2a

Did school administrators simply repackage Common Core while they deceived citizens that they were developing something else?

Rich slammed the sham process that began about a year ago and our School Board members that have allowed it to happen.

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(Hour 3a) 07-09-2014 Hour 3a