Bob Smith(Hour 3b, c) Former NH Senator Bob Smith had a great week.  In part, because he did extremely well in the CNHT Straw Poll.

He didn’t do as well as his opponent Scott Brown in the fundraising department, but he’s not concerned.  “Money doesn’t vote,” said Smith.

Smith described himself as a “Platform Republican” and his opponents as something else.  He also sounded off on GOP unity.

“I never left the Republican Party, the Republican Party deserted it’s principles.”

Smith bragged about his 20-year history of beating Democrats in NH (11 races).  And doing it before without the support of the GOP Establishment.

(Hour 3b) 07-09-2014 Hour 3b

NH State Senate candidate Jane Cormier called in to express her support and assured Bob that “when he wins the primary, the GOP will coalesce behind him.”

Smith commented on the “pathetic” primary runoff in Mississippi between incumbent Senator Thad Cochran and State Senator Chris McDaniel.  “Stuff like this is why 40% of NH voters are not registered to either party.”

He spoke of the shameful abuses of power pervasive in Washington, DC today and the “incestuous” relationship between politicians and lobbying groups.

“If we’re going to attempt to change bad policies, you have to change the power structure first.  We have to get people into positions of power who want to affect change.  We need dramatic change.”    Visit Bob Smith for US Senate

(Hour 3c) 07-09-2014 Hour 3c