Speaker Jasper

(Hours 2b,3a) State Representatives John Burt and Victoria Sullivan started the Under the Golden Dome segment by talking about the three budget bills that recently passed in the House, while sharing about the budget process.  They pointed out how the Freedom Caucus came to be and how Speaker Shawn Jasper handled Thursday’s meeting.  Finally, they made the point that this is an increase in spending and wondered about some of the specific items that the taxpayers will foot the bill for.

(Hour 3a) Rich continued with his coverage of the budget.  He tackled the different spending claims and conveyed the definition of spending.  He discussed the appropriation of money in the Queen City and shared comparisons between her budget and the State’s budget.  Finally, he discussed the process that does not always allow sufficient time to review legislation and commented on the actions of Speaker Jasper.  Tune in to hear more.