Kibby:  Arrested for kidnapping Abagail Hernandez

Kibby: Arrested for kidnapping Abagail Hernandez

07-29-2014 News

New Hampshire Attorney General Joseph A. Foster, State Police Colonel Robert L. Quinn, Conway Police Chief Edward Wagner, FBI Supervisory Senior Resident Agent-in-Charge William Scott O’Donnell, and Carroll County Attorney Robin Gordon announced an arrest in the Abigail Hernandez kidnapping case, yesterday.  Nathaniel E. Kibby age 3 4 of 4 Brookside Drive in Gorham, was  arrested and charged with one count of felony kidnapping for knowingly confining Abigail Hernandez last October ninth, in Conway with a purpose to commit an offense against her.  The arrest was made at about Noon yesterday without incident at Kibby’s residence in Gorham.  Over the course of the past week, law enforcement officers worked around the clock to ascertain the facts and circumstances surrounding Abigail’s disappearance and return.  Hernandez provided the police with details of her kidnapping sufficient to warrant yesterday’s arrest.  Kibby will be arraigned today at 1:00 p.m., at the 3rd Circuit, District Division, Conway District Court.  A press briefing will be held at the Conway Police Department after that arraignment.  No further information will be released until the arraignment in Court.  Anyone with information regarding  Kibby and any activity at his residence since October 9 th, is urged to contact the State Police at 2 7 1 3 6 3 6 or the Conway Police at 3 5 6 5 7 1 5.  Meanwhile, Abby’s mother, Zenya has appeared on national television to say her daughter was not pregnant and is suffering ill health.  Among other things, she has lost a lot weight and is unable to eat solid food.  Zenya said she will never forget the look in her daughter’s eyes when she first saw her, it was nothing like she’d ever seen before.  She and Abby have thanked the public for their well wishes and prayers.

Donna Green:  Banished from Timberlane offices

Donna Green: Banished from Timberlane offices

Tyranny in Timberlane is now officially on the march for all to see.  Donna Green, the outspoken school board member of the Timberlane Regional School Board has been barred from entering school district headquarters by School Board Chair Nancy Steenson, without the express written permission of Superintendent Earl F Dot Metlzer the Second.  In an email sent to Green yesterday at five P M, Steenson said F Dot Metzler’s investigation into alleged mistreatment of a school district employee was the reason for the edict.  We brought you that story alleging misconduct and Green’s response last Friday.  Not to worry, though.  Steenson said F Dot Metzler quote “will make appropriate arrangements for you to conduct your duties as a school board member.”  In response to her exile, Green simply posted the following on her blog, where you can also read Steenson’s email as sent.  Quote:  I might note that no one from the S A U has contacted me about this incident, so thorough has been their investigation to date.  Nor have they provided the security recording I requested that will exonerate me from this ridiculous (quote unquote) “investigation.”   The clock is ticking on that.”  End quote.  You can bet we’ll have something to say about this outrage this morning.

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Billing changes coming

Billing changes coming

The Manchester Water Works and the Environmental Protection Division will combine water and sewer bills into a single water bill starting in 2 0 1 5.  A single bill combining water and sewer will provide many benefits to the customer, including increased billing efficiencies, a single point of contact, and fewer delinquencies. Work has been ongoing in preparation for combined billing for over a year.  To prepare for this change, a synchronization of water and sewer billing periods is required.  As a result, an accelerated sewer billing schedule was  implemented starting yesterday.  Customers will be required to pay their sewer bill in the same thirty day time period from date of receipt.  Water billing will not change.  Once the billing periods are synchronized, around the week of September seventh, customers will receive a separate water and sewer bills, at approximately the same time, for the remainder of the year.   Starting in January, customers will receive a single bill from Manchester Water Works with both water and sewer charges included.  More information will be shared with customers during the remainder of the year as necessary.  We’ve linked to their online Q & A on the topic from this newscast at Girard at Large dot com for your convenience.

Liquore sales booming

Liquore sales booming

Hey, if you’re looking for a sign that the economy is improving, there’s this from the New Hampshire Liquor Commission:  Sales hit an all-time record of  6 2 6 million dollars in Fiscal Year 2 0 1 4, an increase of 2 3 million bucks– or nearly 4 percent over the previous fiscal year, according to unaudited sales figures.  Total liquor net profits transferred to the New Hampshire General Fund reached 1 4 8  million dollars.  That cash is used to support a variety of programs including education, health and social services, transportation and natural resource protection.  Since the first New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlet opened in 1 9 3 4, liquor and wine sales have generated more than 3 billion in revenue for the state.  The commission expects to net another 1 billion dollars for the general fund budget in the next seven years.  The top ten busiest stores, not surprisingly, are either on routes ninety five in Hampton or ninety three in Hooksett, or other places along the state’s borders.  The commission credits the renovation, relocation or expansion of several stores and, of course, its courteous, knowledgeable staff, which it’s done a boffo job of training.  Wonder if they include sampling.

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