Gene Shannon(Hour 3b, c) NH State Rep. Dan Itse and Gene Shannon are founders of the Founding Fathers At Work, a private organization seeking to educate teachers and students about the U.S. Constitution.  For free!

The importance of teaching “bottom up government” has never been greater in our public schools, where the history of our Founding Fathers needs to be reprioritized, not rewritten.

(Hour 3b) 07-30-2014 Hour 3b

Itse and Shannon discussed the current “loosey goosey” teaching requirements in NH and defined their mission: to increase awareness about the true meaning of the U.S. Constitution.

After all, today’s students becoming tomorrow’s leaders should understand America’s TRUE history.  States Have Powers, The Powers of The People

(Hour 3c) 07-30-2014 Hour 3c