Ed Naile 2(Hour 1c) Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers read an editorial from the Concord Monitor that recommended lessons in writing to NH Attorney General Joseph Foster.

The editorial was in response to a letter Foster wrote to NH GOP Chairwoman Jennifer Horn defending (illegal) campaign contributions made to Governor Maggie Hassan’s campaign.

Naile read the letter of the NH law on such contributions.  What was the intent of the law when the NH State Legislature passed it?

We discussed the bending, breaking and outright ignoring of state laws by activist judges like Supreme Court Judge Brian Tucker and the now retired Judge John Lewis. Not to mention, the NH Attorney General’s office ignoring the problem.

Also, how college student Hannah Rivers from Nebraska sued the State of NH and is allowed to vote here while her lawsuit is tied up in the courts.

North Carolina is also dealing with voter fraud issues and has attracted the attention of Attorney General Eric Holden, NAACP, and League of Women Voters. Ed will be tracking this state’s progress, as it may also have an impact on NH.