Black's Law Dictionary(Hour 2a) What is the legal definition of domicile?  It’s not as black and white as the Black’s Law Dictionary declares it to be.

Ed Naile from the Coalition of NH Taxpayers discussed the legal interpretations of the NH Constitution in regards to the court case, Hannah Rivers et al v. State of NH, by activist judges, John Lewis and Brian Tucker, and the legal shenanigans of activist out of state college students, Hannah Rivers, Ariel DeLaura, Megan Arsenault, and Taylor Pacheco. Hannah is a UNH student who holds a Nebraska license, is planning on leaving NH after graduating, and intends to vote in the upcoming election. Ariel attends Keene State College, holds a CT drivers license, and will also leave NH upon graduation. Megan is also a college student, resides in Manchester, holds a Maine drivers license, and will be leaving NH after graduating. Taylor lives in Dover, attends UNH, and has a MA drivers license. All of this is happening while the NH Attorney General turns a blind eye. Not surprising, considering Assistant Attorney General Michael Brown allowed Hawaii resident Melissa Shohet, a campaign worker for Organizer for America, to voter from his home in Salem. Millie Knudson, also and employee at the Attorney General’s office, allowed Daniel K. Barluschke, of Germany, to use her home address to vote. So it’s no wonder that this court case hasn’t been heard by the NH Supreme Court for appeal. Seems what this state needs is an ELECTED Attorney General, so people like Vice President Joe Biden’s niece, Alana Biden, and Parker C. Gilbert aren’t allowed to fraudulently vote in our elections!

What does it all mean?  Honest NH residents are getting their votes cancelled out en masse. Luckily, Manchester has City Clerk Matthew Normand, recently completed a purge of the voter checklist after 8,165 mailings were sent out, only 103 people responded, and over 4,400 cam back unreachable. That’s over 50%! So when 99,000 people registered the same day as the election in NH, what’s the probability they were all NH residents?

Ed mentioned he’s paying close attention to how NC is cleaning up their elections, and so is Attorney General Eric Holden, but not for the same reasons.

The remedy?  Outvoting our opponents en masse.

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