Bob Smith(Hour 2a, b)

(Hour 2a) Bob Smith came in from the campaign trail confident that being himself and sticking to his basic core values will serve him well during tomorrow’s primary election.

Smith shared his unique life experiences that validate those core values.

He defended his stand against abortion, stating, “I’m pro-life because it’s who I am.  If we can’t expect a person’s right to be born, think of that.  Maybe the reason we’re having so many problems in America is because we don’t focus on the social issues.”

Dave from Hooksett called in to echo Bob’s sentiments on social issues: the value of human life and the importance of the family.

Smith discussed last week’s debate and this, “the best grassroots campaign (he’s) ever run.”

(Hour 2b) Smith addressed voters “getting burned” by politicians.  How does Bob’s record in the Senate stack up?

Smith addressed Northeast politics and Republican Party perceptions about conservatism being “lost.”

“People that say that (conservatives) can’t win are ridiculous.  You need to let (voters) know who you are.  Where you stand.  Stand up for what you believe in and let the chips fall where they may.”

Armand from Manchester called in to ask Bob about NH Voter Fraud.  Smith also discussed his plan to beat Senator Jeanne Shaheen.

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