Greiner:  Bully.

Greiner:  The Bedford Bully.

As someone who has been his target in the past, and is proud to be on the list of his three most hated individuals, this writer has observed that the nonsense coming from troublemaker and so-called “Republican” Bill Greiner has gotten out of hand.

The people of the Town of Bedford are sick and tired of it.

In just the first hour at the polls on September 9, this writer heard at least 3 unsolicited, first-hand horror stories about the threats an intimidation allegedly dished out by Greiner, and the chilling effect it had on their families and businesses.

What kind of person harasses women?

As a person who has supported Democrats in general elections (Pappas, Shaheen, Nyquist) Greiner takes his business of attempting to expunge good Republicans from the party quite a bit too far using erroneous personal accusations, and possibly libelous stories about law breaking, none of which ever prove true.

As seen in articles he has posted on Patch, Greiner said he regretted that longtime Rep John Graham, whom he supported, lost his race because he isn’t pro-life. This of course is not true. It was rather that Graham has had a lukewarm record of supporting the GOP platform, only scoring 60% according to the House Republicans, and only scoring 70% this past year proving that the Republican platform is not at issue here. Greiner also supported Dave Danielson, a 75%er.

It is becoming clear that Greiner is not going after anyone for lack of support of the Republican party. In fact, Greiner’s history shows he has little concern for any political platform.

So you have to ask, what part of his claim that the GOP platform is being “undermined” is justified? The folks Greiner is constantly attacking are NOT outwardly supporting Democrats, while Greiner is. Therefore, his claims of “anarchy” are utter ridiculousness.

How is it that Greiner, himself a CHAIRPERSON for “Republicans for Lee Nyquist” in 2012 can have the audacity to making such Tweets as those pictured below?

The Bedford Republican Committee, as well as the NH GOP, should cut off all ties with Mr. Greiner, and stop taking money or other gifts from him. This should be done based on the fact that it is completely unacceptable for him to be harassing families, businesses, and women, including someone’s step-mother, and that it is completely off the wall to be branding others as anti-Republican while supporting Democrats in major general elections. It is hoped that the BRC, if they care to continue to be a credible organization, along with the NH GOP, stand strong against this type of behavior.

By the way, it is simply amazing that Republicans suggesting others MUST support Scott Brown, someone who as a US Senator voted with Obama more than 60% of the time, obviously do not see themselves as “undermining the Republican party”. So to subscribe to Greiner’s campaign of hate against solid Republicans is sheer hypocrisy.

Below are just SOME of the INAPPROPRIATE screen shots of Greiner’s Twitter account. These are evidence of his DIRECT harassment of RNC Official Sharon Day, and complaints to the GOP. In these public statements he continually insists over and over that others are trying to get Dems elected, while Greiner himself will likely be supporting Democrats again in 2014.

Note on our resident bully and his lack of prognostication skills. Hemingway for Governor got 38% while being outspent 15 to 1 by his opponent, as opposed to the 10% Greiner predicted.

I can say with almost complete certainty that none of these folks he is attacking would EVER THINK of supporting Pappas, Shaheen, or Nyquist.

The BRC and the NH GOP both would be well-advised to release public statements denouncing their association with this person and condemning his activities of harassment and intimidation.

This has got to be a joke?

This has got to be a joke?

Spreading lies about "trust funds"

Spreading lies about “trust funds”.

Bad prediction.

Bad prediction.