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Cady:  Fed up with "female reproductive issues"

Cady: Fed up with “female reproductive issues”

I am tired of hearing the Republicans will take Woman’s Rights away for reproduction.  I want to hear how the State government will fix a loss of jobs and these \figures don’t even include the mornings news that GT is going bankrupt and lose 9000 jobs.

Does anyone ever think that every time the government (Those we elect) increases gas tax the cost to deliver food and products increases the cost to use the buyers?  Does anyone think about an increased wage increases the cost of food, clothes, etc and so even if the poor earn more to bag groceries by the time they pay the increased costs for the products because business increases prices when their labor cost goes up that we really didn’t improve their salaries we just made everything more expensive and added more to the poverty level.

Stop the Democrats nonsense of talking about Woman’s Rights for reproduction and ask how they intend to make good paying jobs.  That should be the First concern in electing any candidate.

The Democrats aren’t saying that unemployment is down they are just saying its improved from how bad it got, we should continue the to progress, but is NH  the right track by trying to increase wages and taxes?

Here is the rest of the story that nobody is telling you.  Read these Statistics and know that the republicans had only two years of the last 8 so whose problem is it?

– We have lost 7,000 jobs in the last 4 months.
– Fewer NH people have jobs than 8 years ago.
– 43,000 more people do NOT have a job.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, States and selected areas:  Employment status … January 1976 to date

We have lost 7,000 jobs in the last 4 months.
April 2014 employed: 714,604
August 2014 employed: 707,642

Fewer NH people have jobs than 8 years ago.
July 2006 employed: 707,867
August 2014 employed: 707,642

43,000 more people do NOT have a job.
July 2006 not employed: 325,235
August 2014 not employed: 368,943


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