Hooksett School Board Member David Pearl has submitted the following letter blasting the School Board that oversees SAU 15, which includes Hooksett.  We print it as submitted.  ~Publis

Hooksett is part of SAU 15 with Auburn and Candia.  This year Hooksett will pay 59.93% of the $1,102,059.79 budget.  That comes to $601,673.
Pearl:  Rules needed

Pearl: Rules needed

The budget includes:

  • Superintendent-$119,000
  • Assistant Superintendent- $1000,814
  • Business Administrator- $$87,019
  • And all the other cost of running the SAU.
The budget is up $40,519 over last year.  This Budget is not approve by any Budget Committee or voters.
Last night I made a simple motion:  “Motion to adopt Roberts Rule of Order to conduct meetings.”
I was told: “We don’t need rules we are doing just fine;”  “It would just be one more thing for us to learn;”  “It could be used against people;” and that it was to complicated.
Even though my motion received a second, the chair wasn’t going to call for a vote until a member said ” We need to vote.”  I pointed out we didn’t “need” to vote, as the SAU 15 Board has no rules of order or policies to follow.  A vote was taken, the motion failed.
In recent months the Hooksett School Board has made great improvements.  I would attribute much of that success to the adherence to rules (Robert Rules) and  following our policies (many have been reviewed and updated this year). Yet, we send 601,673 to a board which has none.
The SAU 15 board oversees a $1,102,059.79 budget with no rules or policies.
Do you see a problem?

​David Pearl​

Hooksett School Board Member