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(Hour 2a) Manchester 2nd grade teacher Kelley Tambouris exposed the crazy numbers and kinds of tests she’s been required to give. Girard at Large published her article on October 18th.  MHT Teacher: “Angry, frustrated but most of all sad!”  As of this posting, it has been viewed nearly 20,000 times.

Tambouris joined us to share her “eye-opening experience” with the new standards and the adverse effects they are having on her students.

(Hour 2b) Tambouris discussed what it took for her to hit her breaking point.  She decided to speak up for her kids.

There has been plenty of positive feedback, including a retired teacher from Raymond who wanted to shake her hand in support.

Several local officials have reached out to her including school board members Robyn Dunphy, Deb Langton and Ross Terrio.  She’s also heard from Ward 9 Alderman Barbara Shaw and the man who can’t stand not to be at the center of a crisis, Alderman at-Large Joe Kelly Levasseur.

Tambouris was very critical of the relentless, redundant testing that takes away from direct instruction time and is causing unnecessary stress for students.