Cady:  Will vote for lesser of evils

Cady:  Avoiding greater collective harm

We publish this letter to the editor as submitted and encourage all in our audience to submit their opinions, which we shall similarly publish. ¬†~Publis ¬† Have just read Barbara Hagan’s reasoning on not voting this election for the parties candidates and while I also am Right to Life, I believe more babies will die if the Democrats are elected.

Why do I say this? Think about the Judges Obama will get to appoint should Shaheen return to office. Think about who Maggie Hassan has already appointed and having another four or five plus a Supreme Court Justice, look how they have ruled on abortion. Look how they ruled on the buffer zone.

I cannot stand back no matter how bad I feel about the candidates and see more harm done to babies by keeping the Democrats in power.

Worse I cannot see our Constitutions destroyed anymore by the democrats who are presently serving. Our Fore Fathers wlould turn ove rin their collective graves if they could see the funding of Planned Parenthood, cell phones for free with the money taken from us by force of government. No there is a collective greater harm than voting the worse of two evils.