Good Afternoon Commissioner Barry,

Lyscars:  Warns Barry to withdraw support of Common Core

Lyscars: Warns Barry to withdraw support of Common Core

I have been made aware of the following video of your words:

and quite frankly, as the educational leader of this state, I am appalled, and being a NH native myself, I am completely disturbed by your words.

As a USAF Veteran celebrating Veterans Day, I have something to say directly to you.

Similar to you as you made a statement very clear to that board, I want to make a statement to you as an elected Hooksett School Board representative and parent of two children who have attended and are attending NH public schools.

Make no mistake about my words.

I oppose the implementation of Common Core standards and any associated testing that goes along with it and I will be on the opposing side of any efforts to allow this to take a foothold in the state of New Hampshire.  I will not rest until the CCSS is eradicated from the fabric of our communities, like the repulsive stain that it is.

Your words confused me, because on one hand you argued to the board about retaining local control, while on the other hand, you lambasted parents of children who oppose Common Core and the corporate grab of children and testing out of the clutches of parents and their locally elected school boards.

More than once, you mentioned how School Boards have approved Common Core.

Ms. Berry, I am here to tell you that I don’t believe the Hooksett School Board is unique in the fact that Common Core has been implemented and testing has taken place indeed without the prior approval of the locally elected school board.  The only thing we have approved is a new math program that was better than the old program that takes some of the standards associated with other standards, including CCSS, and implements them.

A school board, Ms. Berry, is the closest link to the most important people in a child’s life.

No, that is not the teachers, or Administrators of schools, or even state Administrators such as yourself Ms. Berry.

The most important people in a child’s life are the child’s parent or parents.

If you and your fellow legislators do not wrap your heads around that simple concept in short order, you will have a revolt on your hands that may equal that of the Civil Rights movement across our great nation, because you are messing with a parent’s right to have control of what their children are exposed to on a daily basis in the public education system.

Don’t take my word for it, listen to a sampling the educators brave enough to take a stand for the interests of the children:

or perhaps some of the educational experts on Common Core:

This is very dangerous ground you and others tread on at this time, and I caution you to retract Common Core, it’s implementation as well as the implementation of any associated testing.

Tell the big business behind this movement that New Hampshire is not interested in turning our children into “customers” for their computers, software, testing or data collection companies.  We are not interested in forming a society where the leaders are products of private, expensive and prestigious universities, while the public education system is designed to churn out workers only.

You have my word Ms. Barry, and I do not give my word out lightly

If you stand as a proponent of Common Core and associated testing, I will be one of many of your opponents.

I will not rest.

I do not tire.

I am persistent.

New Hampshire is watching Virginia.  Will you lead our children out of this, or will you follow New Hampshire parents as we eradicate this cancer from our midst?

History will judge all of us.

I hope you take a leadership role for the best interests of New Hampshire children because if you do, I will defend you against all outside influences to our state, with whatever it takes…..and you have my word on that too.

Respectfully Submitted,

John Lyscars

USAF Veteran (Happy Veterans Day)

Educational Activist

Elected Hooksett School Board Member, Hooksett, NH


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