Preston:  Goes ballistic on McHugh after lottry

Preston: Goes ballistic on McHugh after losing lottery

Seems the lottery conducted by the Hooksett School District on Monday, to determine which kids get to go to Bow High, has raised some issues that could very well be problematic.  One of the parents whose kid didn’t get drawn from the hat is former school board candidate Yvonne Preston, who, once upon a time, was a big proponent of forcing all of Hooksett’s school kids to go to Pinkerton.  Looks like she doesn’t want to do that for her own kid anymore.  Anway, according to witnesses, after leaving the room following the lottery, she stormed back in, full of fire, and laid into School Board Chair Joanne McHugh, who was on hand to observe the proceedings.  Preston was insistent that her child be allowed to go to Bow and vowed she would make it so.  Girard at Large has learned that in an email to the board, which we have requested from the administration, Preston raises questions about why the district didn’t require students to make their high school choices before October first, noting that the Memorandums of Understanding Hooksett has with Bow, Londonderry and Pembroke Academy require the district to provide those schools with headcounts before then.

Littlefield:  Has some splainin to do

Littlefield: Has some ‘splainin’ to do

School board members contacted by Girard at Large were surprised to learn that the agreements still had the October first deadline, noting that they thought they’d requested the administration to change it to December first so that it was consistent with the Manchester deadline.  One school board member said the time line presentations made to them by Superintendent Charles “Chucky the Super” Littlfield led them to believe that the dates had been changed saying that if the deadline for all schools was December first, his was a great plan, if it was October first, it wasn’t.  We’ll have more on this later in the show.

MPD:  Looking for help to find dog that attacked 88 year old woman

MPD: Looking for help to find dog that attacked 88 year old woman

Police in Manchester are looking for help locating a dog an its owner.  The dog attacked eighty eight year old Aneila Borun at around 4 o’clock on Monday afternoon.  Borun was out for a walk in her Normand Street neighborhood when the dog was either let go by or got away from the young girl walking the dog with an adult woman.  Borun was bitten several times before the adult woman gained control of the dog, after which they immediately left the area.  She was taken to the emergency room by her son following the attack.  Police say the dog appeared to be a Boxer, thin and possibly between four and seven years old.  They are asking anyone with information about the attack to call them at  6 6 8 8 7 1 1.  Gotta tell ya, ditching grandma after the dog attack is just not cool.  What’s wrong with people?

News from our own backyard continues after this.

Metzler:  Caught laying the groundwork for an inside job?

Metzler: Caught laying the groundwork for an inside job?

The plot thickens in the Timberlane Regional School District as the time draws near for them to choose from the bids submitted for public relations services.  At its meeting on October second, (fast forward to 2:43:00) there was quite a discussion between the Timberlane Regional School Board and Superintendent Earl Megalo Metzler about the desired services.  Several references were made during the discussion to working with SERESC, the current low bidder by a mile, and the probability that whomever got the job would most likely have to be local to meet the demands of the job.

Green: Asking the right questions, connecting the dots

Green: Asking the right questions, connecting the dots

It wasn’t until school board member Donna Green mentioned the need to go through a proper, non-preferential bid process in which SERESC would be one of many potential bidders, that the board decided to go through that process.  Interesting to note on the local aspect that the name of Gretchen Grosky, wife of the current chairman of the Timberlane Budget Committee, was suggested to the board by Metzler at its meeting on May twenty ninth. (fast forward to 3:42:40, go a couple minutes earlier of you want to see how disrespectful Megalo really is)  During one of the early discussions on the topic, Metzler said he’d discussed the possibilities with Grosky and that, if the board decided to go in that direction, she would be interested.

Grosky:  Hubbys chair of the TRSD Budget Committee

Grosky: Hubby’s chair of the TRSD Budget Committee

Green has raised questions about the propriety of the process, and it would appear that, with SERESC of Bedford being the only local bidder, the low bidder and remarkably close to the budget suggested during the discussion in October, and the bidder proposing to use Gretchen Grosky as the P R agent, it would appear she has good reason to be skeptical.  Also of note is that officials in the district have justified opening the bids more than a day before the publicly posted meeting for that purpose saying the required all bids to be received by November 5th at three P M, which is when they did the opening.  The Timberlane R F P did not say, however, that the bids would be opened then.

Announces open house

Announces open house

The Pembroke Fire Department is hosting an open house this Saturday the fifteenth from eleven to three.  The department is inviting the town folk to come meet their firefighters and check out their new fire truck.  Light refreshments will be served and informational material about fire safety and the fire service will be available.  They will also have their new aerial tower on display.

That’s news from our own backyard, Girard at Large hour ___ is next.

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