Sid Glassner(Hour 3a, b, c)

(Hour 3a) The resident Senior Fellow, Sid Glassner sounded off on elected officials who act as rubber stamps for the very folks they were elected to oversee.

Glassner explained the “food chain” of public education.  Isn’t that the very problem?

“No,” says Glassner, “the problem is the people allowing it to happen.  Americans are too busy to pay attention!”

(Hour 3b) Glassner explained the big head of steam being gained nationally for opting out of Common Core standardized testing.

He read us an amazing story of a group of high school students in Colorado who are opting out of smarter balanced testing there and challenging the educrats with a remarkable letter.

(Hour 3c) Glassner finished the list of Five Grievances from the CO students along with two remarkable statements.

Glassner pointed to the critical thinking of the students as an obvious indicator of just how “unbroken” our education system is.  And how proud of our public schools we should all be!

Also, kudos from Sid to teachers and administrators standing against Common Core.  Although many more are needed.