Obama speaks about the sequester in Washington(Hour 2a, b, c)

(Hour 2a) We opened the phone lines to invite calls on three different issues.  Two of them local.  One of them could affect communities from coast to coast.

Harriet Cady accepted our invitation to comment on the unfathomable situation at the Timberlane Regional School District.  Read more in the On Air News Read

(Hour 2b) On the day that President Barack Obama is set to announce Executive Amnesty, we discussed our “unbroken” immigration system and Senator Kelly Ayotte’s “comprehensive” response.

(Hour 2c) We had more to say about the President, his tactics and his kept promises to “fundamentally change” America.

Armand from Manchester called in to comment.

What is the deal with all of those FEMA camps being set up across the country?

Is something even more sinister being planned by the current occupant of the White House?