CNHT Ed Naile(Hour 1c) Ed Naile of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers expressed his gratitude to the NH Supreme Court for recent slip opinions.  Decisions that are a genuine “ray of sunshine” for folks like Ed, who hunt intrastate ballot thieves.

Speaking of Voter Fraud, Naile gave us the latest on attorney Jared Cram.  Remember him?  He’s the ballot thief who lives in Philadelphia, PA and votes in Wilton, NH.

Also, no apology yet from the folks running the show at the Milford Cabinet, who are convinced that Cram has been “exonerated” by Wilton town clerk Jane Farrell.

Naile explained how that is not the case and why liberal-leaning media outlets like the Milford Cabinet do a terrible disservice to NH residents.

Especially the ones who vote!

Click here for the Op. Ed. submitted by Ed to Oh My BLOG!