(Hour 3a,b,c) There was good news coming out of the Mayor’s budget address last night. No bombshells in the form of layoffs or service cuts were announced moving forward in the coming year. Mayor Gatsas explains the tax cap and how he managed to give increases in budget he proposed Tuesday night.


(Hour 3b) The Mayor gave us outlook on his budget. From what we heard there will be no increase in costs. Mayor Gatsas justifies his use of flat funding of departments and comments on if there would be any additional increases in department budgets. Hear Mayor Gatsas give commentary on the budget in Concord and the Junior Steam Ahead in program in Manchester that has him hopeful for student’s futures.


(Hour 3c) The condition of the roads of Manchester are mentioned. The Mayor proposed a new account that would be used for road maintenance and addresses the roads he wants to see taken care of right away. Rich asks the Mayor on the LED street light project to which the Mayor tells us the department taking control of the project and the time frame it’ll take to get started.