Will Infantine 2(Hour 3a, b)

(Hour 3a) Rich shared new comments by Victoria Sullivan on our shared Facebook post and clarified comments made by Alderman Bill Barry, who thinks the Manchester School Board has “lost their mind,” apparently, by ignoring the safety concerns of Queen City parents.

Read more about last night’s School Board meeting in the On Air News Read

State Rep. Will Infantine joined us to discuss the mission of the Independent Business Council: to improve the Economic Ranking of the State of NH.  We’re #31!  We’re #31!!

(Hour 3b)  Infantine described the “lost decade” and our very soft rebound from 2008.  He and Rich discussed the contributors to NH’s sad stature.

Also, classroom leveling in Manchester, tests that misguide kids and Infantine’s impressive stack of Christmas cards from notables from NH and beyond.