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An editorial :………Sparked by not one comment in particular, but by many heard over the years.

The holiday season:

Alfred Palys

Palys: Enjoy it while it lasts

In my long 54 years plus of living , I’ve often heard people comment that they can’t wait until the holidays are done and over with.  I wonder “why?”

Maybe so that you don’t have to deal with others and so that you can go about your own routine?

Perhaps you mourn the loss of loved ones?

Maybe your stressed because you feel the need to purchase material things for your children?

The holiday season spans 2 months out of the 12 during the year.  Personally I find that comment rather repulsive.(Not being able to wait till the holidays are over)

Find joy in the happiness that your lost ones brought during their time here on earth. Watch old family videos, listen to Christmas music, shed a tear while doing so.  The idea of having to purchase material things are man made.

Nowhere in the Christmas story is there mention of Black Friday, trampling others to beet the crowd, and partying.

The idea of gift exchange stems for the Three Wise Men bringing gifts to the new born king. Not the above mentioned.  Although the idea of gift exchange is something I take part in, personally, I like to be the one giving rather than receiving.

You may say…..you have no idea what it’s like to be a parent and to feel the stress and pressure to make your children happy……..However, yes I do. I watched my parents raise 10 children, and not once did they ever make reference to the stress of the holidays.

Let not the excessive commercialization of the holidays keep you down, yet enjoy the holiday season, watch some old family videos, listen to Christmas music, watch the Christmas specials on TV. It’s here for only 2 months during the year.

Maybe the happiness you find in doing so will carry throughout the rest of the year.