Banfield: Questions for candidates

Cornerstone Action Education Liaison Ann Marie Banfield offers a list of questions voters should ask of their school board candidates in the coming elections.  It’s never too early to ask, and yes, you need to!

* What is your opinion on Common Core? English? Math ? Next Generation Science Standards?
* Do you support parents opting their children out of standardized tests?
* Do you think teachers should be evaluated, in any way, based on standardized test scores?
* Do you support/oppose Competency based grading?
* Do you support/oppose Competency based education? Why?
* Inquiry based learning? Good /bad teaching method?
* What is the primary role of a school board member?
* Will you support posting the school’s check registry online?
* Will you support posting online the following: Superintendent’s employment contract along with the salary and stipend schedule for all employees?
* Will you support getting rid of all district credit cards?
* Will you pledge that you and your immediate family will not accept any gifts or payments of any kind including but not limited to goods, services, cash, meals, travel and reimbursement from the school district and/or its vendors during your tenure?
* Will you pledge that you and your immediate family will not do business in any way shape, fashion or form, directly or indirectly, with the school district and/or its vendors during my tenure.
* What should the role of the NHSBA be when writing and developing school policy? Should school board members develop the policy and save the taxpayers money on dues to the NHSBA?
* A parent comes to you because they don’t agree with the subject matter that’s being taught in school – what do you do?
* What advice do you give to parents who want to opt their children out of the standardized tests?
* Universal pre-school? Support/Oppose? Taxpayer funded?
* Mandatory full day kindergarten?  Support/Oppose?
* What are your priorities if elected ?
* What does a good superintendent look like?
* How should board members and superintendents relate to each other?
* Do you support a policy for informed parental consent on all non-academic surveys?
* Do you agree that all grant applications should be reviewed by the school board members prior to filing the application?
* Do you agree that all textbooks and materials used in a classroom, including the syllabus should be posted online ?
* What should a student privacy policy look like in terms of sharing personal information on; standardized tests, apps., vendors, or researchers?
* Should school board members approve changes or new textbooks?
* Would you support the school board surveying parents for feedback ?
* Should transgender youth play sports  OR use the restroom based on their biology or the gender they identify with?
* What is your opinion on the current state of in person learning related to the Covid pandemic and what ideas/thoughts would you suggest to increase in person learning?

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Ann Marie Banfield is an Education Researcher and has been volunteering her time for Cornerstone Action in New Hampshire. She advocates for excellence in public education and for parental rights.