Recently the Concord Monitor published an article that was originally posted in The Washington Post, “Common Core Standards Aren’t So Easy To Replace.”

This article was written by the President and Policy Director for The Thomas B. Fordham Institute. Fordham is a recipient of funding by the Gates Foundation which is one of the biggest organizations funding the Common Core Standards across the country.



Once again we are treated to another argument for national standards at the expense of academic excellence. In the article they acknowledge that it’s preferable for states to reach for higher and better standards. They then go on to explain why this is difficult to do and cite several states that have made an effort only to fail.

Instead of calling on those Governors for failing to do the will of the “people”, they want us to accept the flawed and developmentally inappropriate Common Core Standards because it’s easier for all involved.

Is this all we can expect from the Governors around the country? Why didn’t Fordham point to academic standards they knew were superior to the Common Core Standards and ask why states are failing in their efforts? Why is New Hampshire’s Governor failing our students?

We know the Common Core Standards are flawed, do not prepare students for STEM programs in College and are developmentally inappropriate for young children. We know there are superior standards that were developed and being used prior to the release of The Common Core Standards.

States like Massachusetts developed state-level standards that were considered some of the best in the country. Not only did their former Governor (Weld) do the hard work necessary to elevate the quality of public education in Massachusetts, their students were outperforming their peers around the country. In other words, we had a prescription for success that supporters of Common Core continue to ignore.

Recently The Pioneer Institute in Massachusetts published an article laying out the plan they used that brought their state national recognition for quality academic standards. Fordham ignored what they know is a plan all states could use to elevate and develop quality academic standards.

Fordham continues to plug Common Core at the expense of our students, teachers and public schools. It seems the money they received from the Gates Foundation is well spent with Fordham however if parents in New Hampshire want the best schools for their children they’d be wise to demand the best for their children.

In towns like Wakefield, NH their local school board voted to reject the Common Core Standards and replace them with the old and superior Massachusetts standards. Where the Hassan Administration is failing public education, some local school boards are stepping up and using better quality standards for their local schools.

Pioneer laid out the plan for states to follow. It’s been a proven success but it needs to be done by Governors who are willing to lead in this effort. So far there has been no leadership from the Hassan Administration in this effort.

Yes, The Common Core Standards can be replaced with superior and better academic standards in spite of what Fordham would like everyone to believe. It takes leadership but Fordham failed to call upon Governors to lead the way.