Regarding the petitioned warrant article.

Naile:  On the case against Metzler's abuses of power

Naile: On the case against Metzler’s abuses of power

Petitioned warrant articles are a time honored method of citizen participation in local government.

It stands to reason that in a school like Timberlane with a superintendant who is involved in no-bid contracts, failure to comply with simple Right to Know requests of various citizens and school officials, and an attempt at shifting the apportionment of taxes among the municipalities that make up the cooperative, among other provocative actions, a group of citizens would choose this way to participate in how the school district operates.

Luckily the petition process is a calm, orderly way for taxpayers to confront a combative school superintendant who is clearly in over his head in the position he currently holds.

Running a school is not a sport. Voters have to have a say in whatever their tax dollars pay for no matter how much Mr. Metzler is uncomfortable with that fact.

I would hope voters recognize this problem and support citizen involvement in their multi-million dollar investment in education.

Ed Naile
Chair, The Coalition of NH Taxpayers