Parking and travel fun in wake of the storm...

Parking and travel fun in wake of the storm…

In the aftermath of Snowzilla, there’s been a blizzard of notices from communities across the region.  Effective yesterday at three forty three P M, the Snow Emergency & Parking Ban was lifted in Goffstown.  The Bedford Police Department is urging motorists to exercise caution at intersections and at driveway ends saying high snowbanks are creating significant line of site hazards.  The parking ban in Pembroke will be lifted this morning at 7.  Manchester lifted its Snow Emergency yesterday at Noon, however the Odd/Even parking system remains in effect on a daily basis until April, so check where your car’s are parked.  Judging by the ride in this morning, there’s work to be done there.  The Bedford Fire Department is requesting assistance from the public to clear snow away from fire hydrants near their home or business.  The Red Cross is conducting emergency blood drives to offset critical shortages.  So, if you’re a donor, you might want to check in on that.  If you’re not, maybe it’s a good time to become one.  For details on the status of parking bans in your town within our listening area, visit the Our Backyard page on Girard at Large dot com and follow the available links.

Merrimack Town Council hosting pipeline work session

Merrimack Town Council hosting pipeline work session

The Merrimack Town Council is having a public work session to discuss the Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline Project.  The meeting will be held tonight in the Mathew Thornton Room at the Town Hall Complex.  It begins at seven.  The Town Council has been relatively proactive in working to address resident questions and concerns about the pipeline project which will cut through the southern part of town if built.  We’ve linked to the agenda with the details of the meeting from this newscast at Girard at Large dot com.  We’ve also linked to our interview with Town Councilor Bill Boyd on the topic.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

Pearl:  Calls on Lyscars to resign

Pearl: Calls on Lyscars to resign

Tempers are flaring on the Hooskett School Board as retiring board member David Pearl has called on board member John Lyscars to resign.  In an email sent to Lyscars yesterday, Pearl writes quote “I think for the good of the Hooksett School District you should resign your office. You have accused, insulted and berated every member of the School Board. You have alienated and embarrassed our district to a point where it is nearly impossible to be taken seriously by other districts. You have bogged down our board with needless requests. You have created an environment where people don’t want to run for School Board because they don’t want to serve with you. You can say what every (sic) you want about me, but it doesn’t change your behavior. You claim you serve in the best interest of the citizens of Hooksett, if that is true resign.”

Lyscars:  Fires back

Lyscars: Fires back

In reply, Lyscars responded, in part quote “It is tough being a whistle blower, however, for our school board to make progress for the future of a Town of 14,000, the shenanigans you and your comrades play must stop.  You, Todd and Joanne are the only three not playing by the rules. Jim, Amy and Mike are playing by the rules. Your impromptu actions at meetings, without warning or allowing members proper preparation are tricks of the past that need to stop, even if you think they are worth it as part of your “strategy” you always spoke so highly of.  Trisha, Phil and Cheryl called for my resignation on multiple occasions too when they were caught red handed.  You are now in good company with those three.”  End quote.  Given that Lyscars and Pearl had often been on the same side of the high school issues and fought the last board’s majority and Superintendent Charles Littlefield over association with Pinkerton Academy, this is a rather intriguing turn of events.

Green: Numbers don’t add up.

Will the tumult in Timberlane ever end?  Well, we have hope the good guys will win as school board member Donna Green has filed for reelection.  In the meantime, her Budget Committee member husband Arthur Green has stepped up his analysis of the district’s staffing.  The Greens have uncovered significant discrepancies in the number of full time equivalent staff reported to the Budget Committee and School Board versus the number reported to the state Department of Education.

Metzler:  Criticizes the Greens for using numbers he provided

Metzler: Criticizes the Greens for using numbers he provided

Superintendent Earl Metzler has accused School Board Member Donna Green for using numbers from budgets that were proposed, but not passed, ignoring that he is the source of the information he’s now criticizing.  Budget Committee member Arthur Green is now questioning whether or not the nine positions Metzler claims will be eliminated by the consolidation of Sandown Central Elementary School with Sandown North are real.  His analysis shows that the two of the new positions placed in the district’s proposed budget, a principal and a floating nurse, would seem to provide positions for the principal and nurse cut from Sandown Central, reducing the number of staff eliminated to seven and further reducing the claimed savings.  Arthur will be our guest this morning in the seven o’clock hour to share the details of his staffing analysis.  Not sure I’d bet against him in the old shell game, if you know what I mean.

That’s news from our own backyard, Girard at Large hour ___ is next!

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