The Goffstown School Board is pleased to announce this year’s winners of the Cornerstone and Dream Keeper Awards.

What is the Cornerstone Award?

The Cornerstone Award is presented by the Goffstown School District to recognize a staff or community member working within our schools who has demonstrated outstanding achievements in support of student learning.

The Goffstown School District seeks to recognize individuals whose service has been truly outstanding to the overall educational climate of the school district and who exhibits commitment, good human relations skills, loyalty, dedication and good organizational and work habits.

2015 Cornerstone Award winners:

  • Mr. Andy Pyszka, 8th grade teacher at Mountain View Middle School
  • Mr. Gary Girolimon, Goffstown School District Technology Director

What is the Dream Keeper Award?

The Dream Keeper Award is presented by the Goffstown School District to recognize people or organizations that truly have gone the extra mile to make the Goffstown dream of providing a superior education a reality.

The Goffstown School Board has established the Dream Keeper Award to recognize exceptional service to our school district.

2015 Dream Keeper Award winner:

  • Mr. Adam McCune, Coordinator Goffstown Television.

Please view the following video that provides an overview of this year’s award recipients.