Hassan:  Looking for Chief Operating Offier?

Hassan: Looking for Chief Operating Offier?

The New Hampshire Republican State Committee has posted a job listing for Governor Margaret Wood Hassan’s proposed “Chief Operating Officer” position on Craig’s List.  Applicants must be able to quote “do the governor’s job while she pursues other political opportunities.”  Some of the job requirements include:  “Must be able to use the word ‘innovation.’  A lot.  Must be able to hide potential budget shortfalls that could threaten governor’s United States Senate campaign.  Must be able to manage time without supervision, because the Governor is going to be out of state.  A lot.”  Quote, “New Hampshire voters elected Maggie Hassan to manage state government – not to hire a highly paid bureaucrat to do her job while she runs for United States Senate.  Our state deserves a full time governor in the corner office instead of a self-centered politician like Maggie Hassan who is solely focused on her political ambitions,” said Republican State G O P Chairman Jennifer Horn.  We’ve linked to the job posting from this news read for your edification and enjoyment.

Derry Fire:  Practicing what they preach

Derry Fire: Practicing what they preach

With another foot of snow over the weekend, the Derry Fire Department is urging property owners to assess the snow load on roofs.  Flat or low slope roofs are most at risk, they say.  Most roofs are not designed to hold much more than a foot of heavy wet snow.  Many roofs in our area have two to three feet currently.   The department advised that safest way to remove the snow is from the ground with a snow rake.  Of course, they urge those removing snow to so safely however it’s done as they have responded to several emergency calls from citizens with serious injuries after falling off relatively low roofs.   Derry Fire is also urging residents and businesses to check the vents for furnaces, water heaters, and other appliances.  It is not uncommon when clearing snow off a roof to accidentally bury them, if they weren’t already obstructed from recent snowfalls.  Blocked vents can fill your home with carbon monoxide.

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Hooksett School Board:  Who's under the bus?

Hooksett School Board: Who’s under the bus?

The Hooksett School Board met on Friday in Emergency Special Session to deal with the question of whether or not they acted legally during the school district’s Deliberative Session a week earlier.  During that meeting, the board spontaneously convened with Moderator Becky Berk assuming authority over its motions and deliberations as the board decided to remove the words “not recommended” from the Warrant Article on the tuition contract with Pinkerton Academy.  The “not recommended” description resulted from the failure of the motion to recommend the article to the voters on a vote of three in favor, three against and one abstained.

Pearl:  Where's the integrity?

Pearl: Where’s the integrity?

For more than an hour on Friday, there were very sharp and direct exchanges with board member David Pearl reading a litany of points that pretty clearly established it wasn’t a legitimate meeting of the board.  He would go on to question how the town could ever come together if members of the board were intent on using every little twist to try to get a desired outcome.  He called into the question the integrity and courage of the board if it failed to recognize its actions were improper.

Board Chair Joanne McHugh, who believed the board acted legitimately, took the curious position of saying that a tie vote doesn’t mean a motion failed, it just means it didn’t pass, right after acknowledging that the moderator was conducting the people’s meeting when the board spontaneously convened.

Boilard:  She's no-nonsense

Boilard: She’s no-nonsense

Board Vice Chair Amy Boilard hammered the idea that ties do not indicate a failed motion saying the board knows what a tie vote means and that it appears as if some members are intent on the board voting over and over again until they get the outcome certain board members want.

A letter from Attorney Gordon Graham, of course, affirmed the position of his colleague at the deliberative session saying that there was nothing improper in their action and district clerk Leeann Moynahan said she spoke with the Secretary of State’s Office and they said it was a okay, too.

Sullivan:  Sides with Pinkerton Faction

Sullivan: Sides with Pinkerton Faction

Board Member Jim Sullivan offered a motion to remove the wording, believing the board didn’t act properly at the deliberative session.  It passed with Boilard and John Lyscars opposed.  Pearl abstained saying they were voting to remove something that didn’t exist.  Subsequent to that vote, Pearl’s motion to declare what happened at the deliberative session was improper passed with only McHugh and Mike Berry opposed.

Craig:  MST stumbling block?

Craig: MST stumbling block?

The Manchester Board of Mayor and Aldermen will meet tomorrow night.  On its agenda is an item of extreme interest to the Manchester School District and that is a bonding request which includes adding classroom walls at the Beech Street School and adding classroom space at the Manchester School of Technology needed to continue the expansion of its nationally recognized four year alternate high school program.  The five million dollar plus price tag for Beech Street has Mayor Ted Gatsas wondering whether or not a new school combining the populations of the Beech Street and Wilson schools should be built.  Ward One Alderman Joyce Craig has signaled her opposition to the two million dollar expansion of  M S T saying it wouldn’t benefit enough students.  We’ll keep an eye on it and open the airwaves to discuss the M S T issue this morning.

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