Generation Facilities Helping to Beat the Cold

Eversource:  Bow power plant and all generation facilities in operation

Eversource: Bow power plant and all generation facilities in operation

MANCHESTER, N.H. (February 23, 2015) — All Eversource power generation sources in New Hampshire have been operating recently to help meet the increased regional demand brought on by the prolonged cold and stormy weather.

The two Eversource generation units at Merrimack Station in Bow have been running since mid-December, and all three units at Schiller Station in Portsmouth have been generating energy around the clock. Due to recent supply constraints and price volatility in the natural gas market, Newington Station (which can burn either natural gas or oil) in Newington, has helped meet the regional need by operating continuously on oil since early February.

Despite lower seasonal water flow, most of the company’s New Hampshire hydro-electric facilities have been operating, and several combustion turbines at various New Hampshire locations have also fired up briefly during times of extreme system demand.

Eversource renewable energy facilities and fossil fuel power plants contribute to the production of economic and reliable electricity for our customers. Using diverse fuel sources to generate power allows us to take advantage of the best fuel prices available and keep energy costs lower for our customers. Those facilities include three fossil fuel plants and nine hydroelectric facilities in New Hampshire, as well as two solar energy facilities in Massachusetts.