We publish this Letter to the Editor as submitted and encourage your commentary or submission.  We note that the proposed gas tax hike referenced here in has been withdrawn…for now.  ~Publis

The problem we little homebound citizens have is we think we elect good people to represent us in Concord or in Washington.

To often they are Do-Gooders who want to do something without thinking through all the consequences.

So when we elected a Democratic governor who has lived in a tax free house for so many years with no thought of expenses for electric, oil, home repairs etc. she really has no concept of what citizens are paying for.  So she has proposed budgets which the majority in the house and senate have approved without thought that many are in a down economy and cannot afford more property taxes or expenses to their daily lives.

BUT what is really irking me now is a House Speaker elected by Democrats with forty turncoat Republicans including John Tholl, Kathleen Hoelzel, Laurie Sanborn, Pat Abrami, Dick Hinch, Susan Emerson and 35 other Republicans who now will be put on to as chairs to continue his support or lose their chairmanships or special privileges given for their votes.

The newspaper reports that Jasper says that will include a vote for an 8 cent tax on gasoline.  So once again the Republicans must step up and fix the spending problems of the Democrats and be labeled bad guys for daring to cut programs which Constitutionally government is not legally responsible for.

Anyone else want to recall and un-elect some poor representatives????  I’m tried of calling myself a Republican to be called upon to support RINO’s.

Harriet E. Cady

P.O. Box 149

Deerfield, N.H. 03037