(Hour 3a,b&c)

Mayor Gatsas and Rich

Mayor Gatsas and Rich

A hundred sixty hours into the proposal and there is still no real progress on Bedford Street project.  Is this project worth

maintaining?  Would Pearl Street be a better location for the parking project?  Also, where is the four million dollars for the rail system supposed to come from?  In addition, is time to establish a drug court?  Click here for Rich’s thoughts on the matter from yesterday.

In 3b we talk about new software that is assisting the police department.  Rich and Mayor Gatsas go head to head on the Uber issue.  You decide who won.  Click here for Rich’s Uber thoughts from earlier in the show.

We touched on the Hallsville School Controversy.  Rich is absolutely convinced that swear words were used in the Hallsville School Controversy.  He asks the Mayor, “Should not these bullying lessons be reviewed periodically by the school board and should not parents be given the opportunity to know what’s going to happen, when it’s going to happen and whether or not they want their children to be involved?”  Click here for our coverage on the topic.

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