(Hour 1b)

Keith Katsikas

Keith Katsikas

We heard more about the Hallsville controversy and we have acquired an audio recording.   Rich sent an email to the

principal, who says that she has all of the children’s notes from the incident, requesting the notes from the class.  We are awaiting her response.  More parents are coming forward about the incident.  We are looking into it and we will give you as much information as we can.

Rich’s son is in the class and said that there was swearing.  The teacher of the class was in the back of the classroom while everything was happening.  She said that it wasn’t her lesson, that she was just a spectator.

We have received word about another parent who has started to speak out.  If you have any information about this event then feel free to contact us.

Click here for more information, including the audio recording of the meeting between Katsikas and the superintendent.