(Hour 3b)



In this segment, we learned that a warrant article was passed in Sandown in order to study the withdrawal of the town from the Timberlane Regional School District. Kelly Ward did little or nothing to prepare for the meeting, did not provide an agenda to the public, did not provide the relevant RSAs, dit not make provisions for the meeting to be recorded and announced that public comment would not be allowed.  Business as usual in Timerlane!

We also heard how Jason Grosky didn’t blink twice when it came time to approve an eighteen thousand dollar budget item to pay his wife as the PR consultant.  Many think she  was the force behind the Support Timberlane Facebook page, which begs the question:  Were tax payer funds used in an attempt to influence an election?

You will want to listen to the entire segment, and ask, “What is going on here?”

Click here for the link to Timberlane School Board Member Donna Green’s blog to get the background that explains, probably, why Sandown has struck out on its own.