Awaiting arraignment at 8:30 AM, June 22, in Concord District Court, New Hampshire/Wisconsin voter Carl Robert Gibson is probably having a laugh at the expense of all of us lesser beings.

Carl Robert Gibson is a smart guy. He gets away with all kinds of what the Concord Monitor call “pranks”.

No “professional” news organization in New Hampshire will touch this story. It goes deep into left wing politics and how NH elections really work.

Take for instance this Carl Robert Gibson guy.

Brought here in 2012 to take on NH Congressman Frank Guinta as one of the million dollar, for profit, out of state political action committee CREDO PAC’s fellow travelers, Gibson has a past history in dirty tricks. He has been trained by the best.

Take for instance the fake press release he was arrested for creating in NH. It took some doing to put that thing together. The plan – try to lower Republican turnout in the special election by claiming the republican dropped out. It took expertise – not a drunken stupor.

In fact, Carl Robert Gibson, smart enough to be registered to vote in three states we know of so far, has a history of fake press releases. Here is one he issued regarding General Electric which he should have served time for:

CBS News actually reported the fake press release Carl Robert Gibson created back in 2011 as a “hoax.” That is a step up from a “prank” here in NH. It was a “prank” that the Associated Press fell for and reported as real!

A quote from the CBS article that you may find interesting:

A group called US Uncut, which describes itself as “a burgeoning grassroots movement pressuring corporate tax cheats to pay their fair share,” took credit for the hoax in a press release Wednesday afternoon.

 Now I don’t know where US Uncut was located in 2011 when Carl Robert Gibson issued a fake press release that fooled the Associated Press and General Electric stockholders but I know where it is listed NOW!

Try 26 Summit Street in good old liberal Concord, NH.

Here is the NH SoS listing:

Imagine if the NH press would or could report on this story. No, it is left to the new media.

The “professional” NH press will not pee in its own soup.

Published as submitted by Ed Naile, Chairman of the NH Coalition of NH Taxpayers and anchor of the A Question of Voter Fraud segment on Girard at Large.  ~Publis