Published s submitted by Ed Naile, Chairman of the NH Coalition of Taxpayers and anchor of A Question of Voter Fraud on Girard at Large.  ~Publis



The case before the NH State Supreme Court May 22, 2015 is about an offensive, to non-resident voters, legislative addition to our NH Election law, RSA 654:7, that informs a registering voter that they must follow all NH statutes when declaring NH their domicile to vote. Domicile is the requirement of our State Constitution for any newly registering inhabitant the age of 18, Part I Article II, second sentence.

The case is now titled Annemarie Guare v. State of NH because it seems Hannah Rivers is no longer listed as a litigant.

Here is how Hannah Rivers is described in the original case of “mobile domiciled” college voters:


“10. Petitioner Hannah Rivers lives at 83 Main Street, GSS Box 12764, Durham, New Hampshire . She is 19 years of age and is a citizen of the United States. In August 2011, she came from 585 West Waverly Road , Raymond , Nebraska , to New Hampshire , in order to attend school at the University of New Hampshire . She expects to finish school in May of 2015 and currently intends to leave New Hampshire after graduation. She is licensed to drive in Nebraska.”



May approaches and Hannah Rivers will graduate from UNH after attempting, with the help of the NH ACLU, NH League of Women Voters, and former Superior Court activist Judge Lewis, to water down the rights of domiciled NH citizen’s votes by staying a Nebraska citizen but voting here in NH where she goes to college.

About that NH vote Hannah Rivers “cherishes” so much.

As of today, April 27, 2015, Hannah Rivers is not a registered NH voter!

Here is Hannah Rivers LinkedIn page:

So it looks like the phony mobile domicile case had a phony lead petitioner.

How appropriate.