Robert Small, a parent in Baltimore, MD was actually arrested for questioning Common Core during a public forum hosted by the Baltimore School Board.  There are many shocking things in this video.1)  He was arrested for asking questions and challenging the answers.  Really?

2)  With 2 exceptions, the audience sat there while a man was arrested during a forum whose purpose was to take and answer questions, and did nothing while authorities stole his First Amendment Rights to Freedom of Speech, Peaceable Assembly and Redress of Grievances.  He urged the crowd to take a stand!  “You’re sitting there like cattle” he said as he was being forced out for speaking against Common Core.

3)  The thuggish behavior of the police officer.

When citizens cannot question their government, when citizens allow those who do to be abused, when enforcement authorities ignore the rights of citizens, the displeasure of elected officials notwithstanding, our Republic is in trouble.

The charges were dropped and the man was released.  Frankly, there needs to be a REALLY big lawsuit filed against the Baltimore School Board for having him removed and against the Baltimore Police Department for the manner in which he was removed to safeguard the people’s constitutional rights to speech and assembly, not to mention that pesky part of the First Amendment that enables people to petition their government for Redress of Grievances.

Parent Arrested from Common Core Meeting in Baltimore County MD